How to identify natural Hessonite (Gomed) stone in Ghaziabad

Hessonite stone is also known as Garnet or Gomed Ratna. It is the birthstone of those natives born in January month. It is very hard to find the difference between real or fake Hessonite stone in Ghaziabad.

Garnet is available in nature and it is very effective in astrology. In this article, we will teach you some tests to identify real or fake Hessonite stone. So, let’s start.

Test for identification of Hessonite stone

  • Dip a Gomed gemstone in cow’s urine for 20 hours and if the colour of urine changes, it means the Hessonite gemstone is real.
  • Original Gomed Ratna is devoid of concentric rings of air bubbles.
  • There should be no dullness, roughness, hole or dents, black spot on the surface of the gemstone.

Qualities of a Natural Hessonite stone

  • Gomed stone colour should be similar to the colour of cow’s urine.
  • It should be transparent.
  • High specific gravity.
  • Brilliance and uniform in colour.

The colour of Hessonite stone

Hessonite gemstone actual colour is medium to dark orange and brown orange to yellowish brown. It might have some variations in the tone. This gemstone gets its brilliant colour from the outline part mineral manganese iron.

Hessonite stone Cut

Hessonite gemstone should be worn in Silver metal. Mostly good Ratna is cut to form oval shapes and round. While some Hessonite stones can be cut into a rectangle or square shape and hexagons too. Hessonite gemstones are also used in gemstone jewellery and necklaces etc.

You can select the best shape of your choice in Hessonite stone from round, oval, square, hexagon and rectangle.

Carat of Hessonite stone

Gomed Ratna measuring 2 to 5 carats in weight is in high demand in the market especially Ghaziabad. Mostly astrologers suggest the wearer wear Hessonite stone in this size for astrological benefits.

Clarity of Hessonite stone

One can identify the real or fake Hessonite gemstone by its clarity. If black spots or blemishes are higher in the amount on the surface of gemstone then this might be a low-quality Hessonite.

Facts related to Hessonite stone

Gomed ring should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand and Saturday is the best day to wear this gemstone. One must wear the gemstone of Rahu after consulting any esteemed Astrologer. The gemstone ideally weighs at least 1/10 in carats of your body weight.

How to Buy original Hessonite stone in Ghaziabad?

It is very important to buy original and real gemstone otherwise; it has no use and no astrological benefits for the wearer. You must consider authorized and reliable gemstone seller. If you are residing in Ghaziabad then you can easily order Hessonite stone online from Shubh Gems.

Shubh Gems is a certified manufacturer of Hessonite stone and all other gemstones. They are dealing in natural and real gemstones. The most important thing about Shubh Gems is that they directly import natural gemstones from mines. Buyers will also get the Lab certificate with the purchase of Hessonite and other gemstones.


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