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Hessonite stone has a significant place in the Hindu mythology. According to Vedic astrology, this gemstone is ruled by Rahu planet. Finding a genuine and authentic Hessonite stone in Delhi is a very difficult task. You must be aware of the facts, colour, and benefits related to GomedRatna.

Let’s know about the benefits of Gomed stone.

  • Gemstone: Hessonite
  • Another Name: Gomed
  • Hardness on Moh’s scale: 7-7.5
  • Category: Nesosilicate
  • Nesosilicate: Rahu
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, Africa and India.

Benefits of Hessonite stone

  • It is said that Hessonite gemstone protects from the evil eye and bad effect of Rahu. It also protects the person from the negative energies and powers.
  • People who are suffering from depression or any other kind of mental illness should wear Gomed stone. It gives relief from anxiety and mental problems.
  • Hessonite gemstone boosts the concentration power of the wearer and improves focus to achieve the desired goal.  This gemstone is also beneficial for students and those natives who are working in the field of science and research.
  • If you are facing failure in your professional life and want to attain progress and enhance your social and financial status then you must wear Gomed stone.
  • Hessonite stone is helpful in curing health diseases like epilepsy, allergies, infections of the eye, haemorrhoids, sinus, and palpitation of the heart.
  • Gomed also helps in healing dangerous ailments like varicose veins, cancer, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, fatigue, blood pressure, and intestinal issues.
  • It brings financial prosperity in the life of the wearer. It gives salvation and pleasures of the body.
  • If you are suffering from the disturbance in marital life then both husband and wife should wear gemstones of Rahu. It increases love, harmony, and peace between the couple.
  • This gemstone always emerges winning in the times of competition. Gomed stone is always ahead of enemies of the wearer. If you are indulging in public speaking then Hessonite stone will enhance the impact of the wearer on people.
  • Those natives who are working in computer-related fields, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists should wear Hessonite gemstone.

When should we wear Hessonite stone?

You can wear Gomed stone as Ring, Pendant, or Bracelet. The best day to wear Hessonite stone is Saturday.

Which finger Gomed should be worn?

Hessonite gemstone must be worn after consulting with an astrologer. One should wear Gomed gemstone in the middle finger of the right hand.

Can Gomed and Ruby be worn together?

Rahu and Sun are the enemies of each other. Hence, one should avoid wearing these two gemstones together.

Top Hessonite distributor in Delhi

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