Peridot Gemstone Pendant

peridot Gemstone Pendant

Tanzanite  Gemstone   Pendant

Tanzanite Gemstone Pendant

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Gemstone Pendant

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More Information
Color orangish brown
Shape/Cut Round mix
Refractive Index 1.714 - 1.888
Specific Gravity 3.47 - 4.15
Country of Origin India
Finish Very Good
Shipping & Delivery Delivery within India (5-7 days), International Delivery (7-10 days), Free Shipping within India.
Certification Lab-Certified (Free Laboratory Report)
Description Certified Natural garnet gemstone pendant made of rhodium plated sterling silver
Benefits gemstone for those who have Kal Sarp Dosha and it bestows solace from Kal Sarpa Dosha and its adverse effects. Wearing a Gomed at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu helps an individual to get rid of the afflictions caused by the malevolent Rahu.
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