10 Amazing Facts about Opals that is found in Gurgaon

Talking about the beauty and charm of the gemstones, one of the most beautiful gemstone is the stone of opal. Opal gemstones are best known for their mesmerising colours and unique display of patterns. This is why they make the best of jewellery option as being attached to a ring, necklace and even a small pendant. Now, let us get on to know the 10 amazing facts of opal stone, which makes them so unique and special:

Opal stone is the birthstone for October born people

 An opal stone in Gurgaon has many big benefits but it is mainly beneficial for people who are born in the month of October as it is their official birthstone and is lucky for them. Metaphysically speaking opal is symbolic to represent love, hope and purity.

Formed and developed by Rain

An opal stone is formed by rain and one of the common questions for this remains are opals expensive? Well, it depends on its various variants, colours and sizes. The opal stone is formed when water from rain seeps down into crevasses in the rock.

Opal stone in Mars

 An opal stone per 10 Ratti would start from Rs 2100 and can go on till Rs 70,000 depending on its size and authenticity. Also, opal is one of those rarest gemstones which are found on the planet of Mars as well.

Ancient history of opal gemstone

A white opal has a very ancient history and was first used by Romans. It is derived from a Greek word “opalathamus” which means “change of colour” and it was believed that it was formed by the tears of joy wept by Greek god “Zeus”.

Known as the queen of Gemstones

 “What does opal symbolize?” is one of the commonest questions that comes up in our mind before buying this gemstone. Being known as the queen of gemstones it is symbolic of bringing hope and positivity in life.

Australian Opal gemstone

An opal stone ring mostly makes perfect statement jewellery with the latest fashion. Australia is said to be the largest number of opal stone producers as 95% in the opal production category.

In the aboriginal history

As per Australian native Aborigines are of the view that opal is known to be our creator’s footprints and there are numerous opal stone benefits.

Opals as lucky gemstones

Opal is considered to be a very auspicious and lucky gemstone. As per most of the civilizations in the world, opal is considered to be bringing good luck, positivity and happiness in life.

The love of Royalty

Opal is associated to be the supreme love of Royals. For evidence, we can see that Queen Victoria simply loved her opals. In her collection, she had diamonds, sapphires and opals everywhere.

More than meets your eye

There is a unique and beautiful play of colours that are seen in a natural opal stone. This is because of the presence of the tiny spheres of silica of different sizes. These spheres refract light and cause the beautiful spectral colours you see in an opal.

How to buy Opal stone in Gurgaon

There are many gemstone sellers in Gurgaon who sell synthetic and cultured opal stone. So, you need to be very cautious while buying an opal stone in Gurgaon.

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