Which origin of Opal stone is most famous in Delhi?

Opal stone is the most beautiful and attractive gemstone in the world of gemstones. Opal gemstone is highly used in pieces of jewellery and sparkling addition to any woman’s outfit. Today, we are talking about the most expensive and famous origin of Opal stone in Delhi.

Opal stone famous origin Delhi

The most famous and expensive opal stone origin in the world or Delhi is Olympic Australis. It might be too big to fit in jewellery boxes. People can use imitation of this gemstone as it is very expensive and unaffordable for most buyers.

How big is Opal stone?

Opal gemstone most popular origin Olympic Australis is around 11 inches long and 4.5 inches high. The Guinness Record held it for a long time for biggest opal stone ever found. After that, this record was broken by another opal gemstone which found in Coober Pedy but still, this remains the most precious and sumptuous opal Ratna variety.

Is opal gemstone expensive?

Those opal stones that have black or dark body tone are more expensive and valuable in comparison of white, light or crystal body tone. Black opal gemstone is the most prized variety of this gemstone.

What does Opal stone symbolize?

According to astrology, opal stone is associated with fire, hope, innocence and purity. It is believed that opal is a good luck stone which brings fortune and luck in the life of the wearer. It increases happiness, loyalty and faithfulness.

Who should wear Opal stone?

As per Vedic astrology opal gemstone should be worn on Friday evening of Shukla Paksha. Opal stone ring should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. One must follow the rituals and procedures of wearing opal gemstone.What is the cost of Opal stone in Delhi?

The price of white base for opal in the size of 5 carats should start at around Rs 700 per carat. If you combat any opal stone below this price then it might be synthetic or fake. In this case, you must get cautious and ask for the lab certificate to the seller.

White opal stone popularity in Delhi

Mostly gemstone lovers in Delhi are preferred white opal gemstone. This variety of opal gemstone is associated with love and passion. It enhances the emotional vibes and feelings of a person. It is said that wearing an opal stone can bring faithfulness and loyalty to the relationship.

Opal stone benefits

People who are suffering from marital problems should wear this stone. Those who have conflicted relationship with their partner can wear this stone to resolve this issue. Those natives who are working in the fields of movies, glamour, fine arts and fashion should wear opal stone. It helps you to express your love and feeling to your beloved.

How to buy real opal stone in Delhi

Opal gemstone sellers in Delhi are mostly selling fake or synthetic gemstone that has no astrological benefits and celestial powers. To get the desirable benefits from opal stone, you must wear original and natural gemstone. Ask the seller for giving lab certificate with the gemstone.

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