Things you must know while buying emerald stone in Noida

Green coloured Emerald stone is the birthstone for natives who born in the month of May. It is lucky gemstone for Taurus and Gemini zodiac sign. Emerald stone is associated with Mercury. People who are willing to buy emerald stone in Noida should consider few important things about this gemstone.

People who have problems like speech difficulties, nervous related problems, allergies and respiratory system related problems, they should wear Emerald stone. It gives relief from such diseases.

Here, we explain certain rules that set the quality and value of Emerald stone.

Tips for buying emerald stone in Noida

  • To get the desired astrological benefits, you must buy the high-quality and natural Emerald stones.
  • Always consider cut, shape and hue of the stone. Panna stone should be vibrant in colour. The bluish green colour of the Panna stone is considered high in quality.
  • Always ask for the gemstone lab certificate from the seller. It has all the details regarding the authenticity of the gemstone.
  • Natural emeralds are very light to dark in tone. Most valuable emerald stone generally have a tonal colour that between dark green to medium green.
  • Saturation means to the emerald gemstone colour strength. In this colour quality is the most important and significant quality. Rich saturation in Panna refers to the brilliance of the stone.
  • The rectangular shape is considered the most common shape of emerald stone

Facts about emerald stone

The first time, emerald stone mines were found in 1330 BC in Egypt. Emerald is a Greek word which means smaragdus.

Emerald is a stone of royalty. It is counted among the four main precious gemstones.

Panna stone is the most fragile and brittle among the all precious gemstones. This stone enhances your personality and gives you a royal look. It is said that emerald gemstones can give us supernatural ability to foresee future events of life.

Tips to buy certified Emerald stone in Noida

If you buy an emerald stone from a reputed and trusted Gemstone provider then they will surely give you a certificate. This certificate ensures the quality, origin, colour and smoothened cut of the Panna stone. Every genuine stone comes with GIA certification. Keep this in mind while purchasing an emerald stone.

If you want to purchase high-quality gemstone or emerald stone then you can contact Shubh Gems. We are a certified and trusted seller of all types of Emerald gemstones at an affordable price. We have a wide range of natural and certified emerald stone from Zambia and Columbia. We energize and activate the stone so that it gives best and incredible emerald stone benefits to the wearer.

According to gemstone experts, many precious stones distributors are providing fake and cultured gemstones. When you are thinking to buy emerald stone in Noida then you must check the colour or hue of the stone. There should be no blemishes or any mark on the gemstone.

Gemstones which have blemishes or mark on the surface are considered to be of low quality. Try to protect yourself from these kinds of gemstone deals in Noida.

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