Certified Gemstone Shop in Delhi

Shubh Gems is a trusted Name for Certified Natural Astrological Gemstones and Healing Stones.

Fine Quality Gemstones:

A Stone should have minimum acceptable quality to be called a Gem. Stones come in all the qualities. They can be Gem Quality, Commercial Quality or Industrial Qulaity. Shubh Gems comprises of team of seasoned and Skilled Gem Experts (Gemologists), who understand Gemstones. Our team of Gem Experts carefully examines each gemstone. Only finest quality gemstones pass the quality Tests. We make no compromise in terms of Quality and offer only gem quality stones to our customers.

Gemstones at Best Price:

Shubh Gems directly imports its gemstones from the Mines. There are no middle-men or Agents in-between, which enable us to provide gemstones at the Best Price. Shubh Gems has pioneered the concept of Mine-to-Market.

Guarantee for Authenticity:

All the Gemstones at Shubh Gems are Lab-Certified. We guarantee that each of our Gemstone is Natural.

Astrological Suitability of Gemstones

The Concept of Gemology and Astrology are very close. Astrology also condemns gemtones which have negative inclusions like dark inclusions or Crack, just like Gemology. Gemology refers to such stones as Industrial or Commercial Quality Stones. Inferior quality stones cannot be categorized as Gem Stones. We at ShubhGems , ensure that stones should not have any inclusion which are negative. Such stones with negative inclusions are not acceptable for astrological purpose. We carefully test each Gemstone for its astrological suitability.

Customized Rings, pendants and Bracelets

Shubh gems offers you service for Jewellery Making. We make Elegant Designer Rings as per individual’s taste. We make customised Rings, Pendants and Bracelets in Gold, Silver, Copper, Panchdhatu and Ashtdhatu

We make Elegant Designer Rings, Pendants and Bracelets to suit every individual’s taste.


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