Tips to Buy Cat’s eye stone in Noida

Buying a natural and genuine Cat’s eye stone or any other gemstone at times turns out to be worms for a normal person. The situation gets more difficult, especially while you are buying LehsuniaRatna in Noida because there mostly gemstones are lab created and not original.

Many gemstone sellers sell lab created or fake gemstones promptly labelled as a natural stone to earn maximum money. 

Gem buyers have minimal knowledge about the stones and due to this, they fall to buy fake gemstone at the high price.

In this post, we guide you what not to do while buying gemstones online especially LehsuniaRatna.

Reputed gemstone seller for Cat’s eye stone:

Always consider a reputed or authentic gemstone seller. Those gemstone sellers who have earned name and fame in the industry of gemstones, you must buy for them.

If we talk about Cat’s eye stone benefits then you must know that this powerful gemstone brings enormous wealth, healthy life, confidence, wisdom and intellect power to its wearer. If you want to take the advantages of LehsuniaRatna then you should wear original and certified gemstone.

Therefore, while buying Cat’s eye stone, always check the history, product quality, and reviews about the gemstone company.

Cat’s eye stone Certificate:

  • Gemstone certificate consists of all treatments or enhancements a gemstone has perceived. There are several gemstone providers who offer unbiased lab report of the Cat’s eye stone.
  • Gem Lab, GIA and IGI offer gemstone certification reports. Buyers must ask the seller to give a lab certificate issued by an authenticated laboratory with the gemstone.
  • By keeping these above-mentioned points in your mind, it will become easy for you to purchase a genuine and high-quality Cat’s eye stone.
  • Cat’s eye stone price depends on its quality, colour, lustre, and cut. Large cat’s eye stone is rare and is of higher value.
  • Always ask for Lab certificate from the manufacturer, as this document will help you know about the origin, type, cut, and colour of the gemstone.
  • According to Vedic astrology, you should wear Cat’s eye in the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday morning.

How to order Cat’s eye stone in Noida?

Place an online gemstone order is quite an easy step. You can easily order online Cat’s eye stone from Shubh Gems website or you can also visit their outlet in Delhi.

They directly import natural and real gemstones from mines. So, there is no chance to doubt the quality and authenticity of their gemstones. You will also get the Lab certificate of Lehsunia stone and other gemstones.

Cat’s eye stone price range starts at around rupees 200/- per carat and goes up to Rupees 7000/- per carat as per the quality. Always consult the astrologer before wearing the powerful gemstone of Ketu. Also, you must choose authentic and reliable manufacture of gemstones who supply Lehsunia stone in Gurgaon. Ketu’s gemstone Lehsunia is beneficial for risk takers and for those who are involved in speculation matters.

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