Best Cat’s eye stone Seller in Delhi

The Cat’s eye stone is an intriguing gem. This gemstone has metaphysical powers and properties, which always remained a fantasy for humans. In this article, we are discussing the benefits and use of Cat’s eye and the best Cat’s eye seller in Delhi.

Cat’s eye stone in Hindi is also known as Lehsunia orvaidurya. It is the gemstone of Ketu planet or South Node of the Moon. This gemstone starts showing its effects in a short period of time.

Few benefits of this gemstone and why do we wear cat eye stone etc:

This powerful gemstone can help you have the return of lost money and wealth. It also has the capability to restart a closed venture or business.

Those people who are indulged in speculative activities and games and share market should wear cat’s eye stone ring. It is said that this stone brings luck for the wearer and increase the chances of winning. This gemstone is apt for risk takers.

You can wear LehsuniaRatna as a talisman to have psychic protection as it protects the wearer from evil eye.

Cat’s eye gemstone reduces the pain of tough situations of life. It makes you strong and helps on detaching from worldly attachments.

Ketu energies make a person spiritual and religious. Hence the gemstone of Ketu enhances these qualities in a person.

If your body is suffering any kind of unhealthy habits, depression or any disease then LehsuniaRatna will help to overcome. A gemstone cures cancer too.

One can also wear it to get relieved from mental anxiety that causes by inexpression of desires. It also reduces stress level.

Cats eye stone price

Chrysoberyl cats eye and Quartz Lehsunia are mostly preferred for astrological benefits. Chrysoberyl type of Lehsunia is a very rare and a precious gemstone. Chrysoberyl Lehsunia stone is more expensive than Quartz cat’s eye. Hence, Quartz cat’s eye is more affordable and fortunately gives similar results.

Natural Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone price in Delhi is Rs 1300 per carat and above.

Where is Cat’s eye found in Delhi?

High quality and original Lehsunia Ratna is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, China and Zimbabwe. If you want to purchase the cat’s eye stone from the above-mentioned origins then you must consider authentic and reliable manufacturer of gemstones in Delhi.

It is very difficult to find natural cat’s eye stone in Delhi but you can easily place an order online from Shubh Gems. They are providing natural and real gemstones especially cat’s eye stone.

Many buyers purchased Lehsuniaratna from Shubh Gems and they are highly satisfied with the quality of their gemstones. You can place an online order from our website or visit our outlet in Delhi.

Shubh Gems also specialize in making customized jewellery and pieces. You can wear Cat’s eye stone as a ring, pendant, necklace, or bracelet. If you want to buy high quality and original LehsuniaRatna then you must choose Shubh Gems as they also provide you Lab certificate with your gemstone purchase. Their gemstones are original, real, authentic and highly beneficial.


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