Do’s and Don’ts while buying Cat’s eye stone in Ghaziabad

When Rahu gives malefic effects in one’s horoscope then Cat’s eye stone is an inimical gemstone to save your life.  There are some steps to follow while buying Cat’s eye gemstone in Ghaziabad because many sellers sell cultured and synthetic cat’s eye stone.

Lehsunia gemstone belongs to the shadow planet Ketu that brings instant positive and negative effects for its wearer.

To tackle the adverse effects of Ketu, one should consult the astrologer before wearing LehsuniaRatna. Find out some significant do’s and don’ts while buying cat’s eye gemstone.

Is Cat’s eye a real stone?

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is the best quality of this gemstone. It has the most distinct and strongest Lehsunia effect of all gemstones. This gemstone is polished into a cabochon.

Why do we wear Cat eye stone?

According to astrology, crucial surgeries are mostly causing due to a malefic effect of Ketu in one’s horoscope and if the person wears Lehsunia stone then it nullifies the negative effects of Ketu.

What kind of stone is a Cat’s eye?

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye stone is yellowish green and transparent to translucent. Cat’s eye is also known as Lehsunia in Hindi and it is used to reduce the malefic and bad effects of Ketu.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make ensure that you put your money on certified cat’s eye stone. Do not buy a cultured or fake gemstone because it can give you dreadful results.
  • Always check the cat eye stone price per carat in India and don’t fall for cheap LehsuniaRatna. There might be chances of cheap Lehsunia stone usually created in the lab. Always consider reputable and legit gemstone sellers.
  • You must consult the astrologer before buying the powerful Cat’s eye stone because this gemstone represents the mystical energies of planet Ketu. Don’t wear this without consulting an astrologer as it might prove dreadful for you.
  • Since this stone represents the mystical energies of Ketu, prior to wearing this stone do consult an astrologer. Don’t wear this stone without consulting an astrologer because it may prove dreadful.
  • Lehsunia weighing at least 7 ratti or carat.
  • Cat’s eye stone ring should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.

How to check the quality of a cat’s eye stone in Ghaziabad?

One can judge the quality of LehsuniaRatna by the display of chatoyancy effect.  This gemstone is available in a wide range of colors like yellow to yellowish green, greyish green to brown and brownish yellow.

Where to buy genuine Cat’s eye stone in Ghaziabad?

Only natural and genuine gemstones bring favorable effects to its wearer. Fake or synthetic cat’s eye has no astrological effects and they can also prove dreadful for you. So, it is very important for you to consider a certified gem seller.

If you are residing in Ghaziabad then you can easily place an online order for Cat’s eye stone from Shubh Gems. They are certified provider of gemstones and Lehsunia stone. The most important thing about Shubh Gems is that they directly import natural gemstones from mines. Therefore, you need not to worry about their quality and originality of gemstones.

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