Correct Price of Blue Sapphire Gemstone in Noida

While buying a blue sapphire, the first thing that comes in our mind is the price of blue sapphire. Mostly gemstones sellers or manufactures are selling cultured and synthetic blue sapphire. How much is blue sapphire worth in Noida? And how much is 1-carat blue sapphire worth in Noida?

You will find a major difference in the costing of blue sapphire stone in Noida from one store to another. In this article, you will get a complete idea about the pricing of blue sapphire in Noida.

Sri Lankan blue sapphire in Noida

Sri Lanka is the major provider of natural blue sapphire gemstones and it has the finest quality of gemstones. In Noida, original and genuine blue sapphire gemstone of Sri Lanka range starts from 800 Rs per carat. If you find Neelam stone at a low price then it might be heated or chemically treated gemstone. These types of gemstones have no astrological or celestial powers.

High quality and untreated Sri Lankan blue sapphire price in Noida would start from 2000 Rs per carat. Blue sapphire in this price is very often heated.

Sri Lankan Blue sapphire as per quality

If blue sapphire has some impurities or inclusions on the surface then it means it is the basic quality Neelam stone. One can use this in Blue sapphire ring. They might lack transparency and blue colour because they are natural and unheated. Their basic quality Sri Lankan blue sapphire price starts from 1800 Rs per carat to 4000 Rs in Noida.

Those blue sapphire which has fewer inclusions and impurities are referred standard quality blue sapphires stones. They are considered as a most popular type of Neelam stones because they easily fit in the budget of the customers. Price of standard quality Blue sapphire in Noida of standard quality starts from 4000 Rs to 8000 Rs per carat.

Those Neelam stones which have nice lustre, clarity and blue colour are regarded as the medium quality of Sri Lankan blue sapphire stone. Cost of a medium quality Neelam stone in Noida is Rs 12000 to Rs 20000 per carat.

Neelam stone having the dark blue colour and with better lustre and fine clarity are classified as a high-quality blue sapphire stone. They are best in getting astrological benefits. Sri Lankan high-quality blue sapphire price range starts from 30,000 Rs per carat to 50,000 Rs per carat.

Bangkok Blue sapphire price in Noida

Bangkok blue sapphire gemstone is the second most popular category of this gemstone. They are very beautiful in appearance. Some of Neelam stones are treated to enhance their natural beauty and looks. Bangkok blue sapphire stone price in Noida starts from 400 Rs per carat to 15,000 Rs per carat. Price can go up and above; it depends on the quality and clarity of the Neelam stone.

Other origins of Blue sapphire in Noida

Apart from Bangkok and Sri Lanka, many other origins of blue sapphire stone are available in the gemstone market of Noida. Kashmiri Neelam stone is very rare as they are most genuine in quality and price as well. Their Kashmiri Blue sapphire price would be starting from 1,00,000 per carat and above.

African, Burma, Russian blue sapphire gemstones rings and jewellery are also available in gemstone market of Noida.

Where to buy Blue sapphire stone in Noida?

If you are looking for genuine and natural blue sapphire stone in Noida then believe me, it is very hard for you to find natural gemstones in the market. People who want authentic and natural blue sapphire should choose a manufacturer, which are reliable, and has experience into the business of gemstones.

You can buy online blue sapphire gemstone from Shubh gems. They are leading manufacturer in India for selling Gemstones and gemstone pieces of jewellery.

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