10 tips on How to buy a Blue sapphire (Neelam) stone in Gurgaon

Blue sapphire stone is the most loved gemstone. It’s beautiful and bright blue colour attracts people and that’s the reason why it is still famous after the centuries. Blue sapphire stone in Gurgaon is available in wide range and variety. Neelam stone price can range from very reasonable to expensive and it depends on the quality of the gemstone.

Here, we give you some important tips that will help you in buying real and natural blue sapphire stone in Gurgaon at reasonable prices.

Before buying a gemstone, do some research on how gemstones are valued and graded. According to gemmologists, 101 explains gemstone graded in easy to understand terms. You should buy a blue sapphire stone which ranges in grade 5-6.

Google will help you a lot to learn about the blue sapphire stone benefits and its origin and colour and price. You will see various images of Neelam gemstone on Google and here you can decide that which colour you need and suits you the best. But also keep in mind that digital images could be modified and the actual colour or tone of the gemstone would be different in reality.

There are many colours are available in Sapphire gemstone but Blue is the most traditional one. You must buy that hue for a Neelam stone is pure blue with no overtones of green or violet.

A blue sapphire gemstone preferred tone is medium to dark that varies from 6 to 8. There should be no greyness on the stone its intensity should be the string to vivid.

Those gemstones who have some inclusions on the surface should be avoided. Face up colour zoning stones also should not be purchased.

Blue sapphire stone appearance should be bright and lively. Do not buy poor shape cuts gemstones. Oval, cushion and round are the most preferable shape of the Neelam stone. Marquise or heart-shaped sapphire stones are rare.

Kashmiri and Burma origin blue sapphires are extremely rare and expensive in Gurgaon. You should buy a gemstone with a certificate of origin that issues by a gemmological laboratory like GIA.

People who are looking for the high-quality and genuine gemstone or blue sapphire stone with no enhancement should know that these gemstones are rare and expensive. You might pay 20-100% more depending on the quality and origin of the stone.

Where to buy Blue Sapphire in Gurgaon

Buyers must purchase the natural gemstones from authentic and reliable gemstone sellers or manufacturers. You can check the blue sapphire stone price and how much is a blue sapphire worth and who can wear Neelam stone. After checking all the related information, you will need to find the best and authentic gemstone seller who will provide you natural and real blue sapphire stone.

You can buy authentic and original gemstones or Blue sapphire from Shubh gems. We are dealing in certified natural Blue sapphire and gemstone jewellery. We energize and activate the gemstones so that it will give you more and more astrological benefits. People who are looking for Blue sapphire in Gurgaon can buy it online from Shubh gems website.

Blue sapphire is the birthstone for the natives who are born in the month of September. It should be worn in a silver metal in the middle finger of the right hand. Blue sapphire stone should be worn on Saturday.

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