Know the Best Variety and type of Blue Sapphire Stone

Know the Best Variety and type of Blue Sapphire Stone

Blue sapphire is an eminent gemstone of Saturn. Saturn is known to be most powerful planet in astrology. Blue sapphire is also known as neelam in Hindi. This miraculous gemstone can change your life instantly.

So let’s know about the stone of Saturn neelam.

Blue sapphire power

Neelam is considered the most powerful gemstone in astrology. You can say that it is a powerhouse of energy. If Saturn is weak in horoscope then person gets slow results for his efforts. The success is delayed and the person becomes failure in life. But the stone of shani can change your failure into success. Blue sapphire has the power to change your luck and give you success in your life or career. To get the benefic effects of saturn, one can wear neelam stone.

Neelam stone is available in various types and its price depends upon its quality and type. Let’s know about the price and types of blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire price

Natural Neelam stone price range starts from Rs 2000 per carat in India. Price of Neelam is mainly depended upon its color, transparency, luster and cutting. A good transparent stone will allow light and energy to pass through. While wearing neelam, you should ensure that the stone does not have any crack, black spot or any other dosha.

Types and Price of Neelam Stone

Indian Blue sapphire

India is known as one of the largest sellers of blue sapphire. In India Natural blue sapphire stone price range starts from Rs 2,000/- per carat.

Kashmiri Blue Sapphire Stone

The finest quality blue sapphire is found in Kashmir. Kashmir is the best producer of Neelam stone. Kashmiri blue sapphire price is very high as compare to other types of Neelam because it is the finest variety of the Neelam stone. Kashmiri Neelam is highly popular due to its blue hue and velvety texture. Kashmiri blue sapphire is also known as Mayur Neelam because this stone color is like peacock neck. In Kashmir, blue sapphire is excavated from the khoomnaan mines. Kashmiri Neelam is also found in the district of south India salem.

Russian Blue Sapphire Stone

Neelam is found in Russia also but the quality of Russian Neelam is inferior. If you want low Neelam at low price then you can buy Russian neelam stone.

Sri Lanka Blue sapphire

The blue sapphire which is found in Sri Lanka is also known as Ceylon. It is the finest quality of stone and it is excavated in the mines of sri lanka like Ceylon, Ratanpur, Rakbaana, Gaunda etc.

Burma Blue sapphire

Burmese neelam appears fascinating and it is smooth to cut the Burmese neelam stone.

Australian Blue sapphire

In Australia blue sapphire is found in Queensland and new south. Australian blue sapphire is dark in color and high in quality.

Blue sapphire ring price

Blue sapphire ring price per carat range starts from 50 thousand to 5 lacs. You can buy neelam stone ring at the affordable price also. As we above mentioned that blue gemstone price depends upon its quality or color. You can buy neelam ring as per your budget. Silver is the best metal to wear neelam, so you should consider neelam silver ring.

Online price of blue sapphire

You can also buy high quality and energized blue sapphire stone online. Shubh Gems is also selling high and best quality neelam or other gemstones online. You can check Neelam stone price online on Shubh Gems.

Shubh Gems deals in certified natural Neelam which is best for astrological purpose. To buy certified blue sapphire call at: +91-8010555111

How to wear Blue Sapphire

You should wear blue sapphire on Saturday. This gemstone must be worn in the middle finger of right hand. Silver is the best metal for this stone. You can also wear it as a pendant. Men should wear neelam in the middle finger of the right hand and women can wear it in the middle finger of right hand or left hand as per your choice or convenience.

Highest price of Blue Sapphire

Kashmiri blue sapphire is the most highly prized. This stone can only be found a few months out of the year. Kashmiri neelam have excellent color and velvety appearance. This appearance is only seen in other stone and i.e Myanmar ruby.

Blue sapphire can help you to increase your wealth, fame and popularity. This is the powerful stone and it shows results in few days. It is very effective and beneficial for sorting disputes like criminal cases, divorce cases or any other case to the offence of law. This stone makes the person motivated and hardworking.

The most important thing which you should keep in mind while buying a neelam, should consult an astrologer before wearing this stone. The astrological consultation will help you to get more and more benefits of this stone.

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