6 Superpowers of wearing an Emerald Stone

6 Superpowers of wearing an Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone is the beautiful and stunning gemstone and it is among the top three colored stones in the universe. Rubies and sapphire are also counted in top three colored gemstones list. This stone is a derivative of beryl and Beryl is a mineral which blends of aluminum and beryllium. It gives bluish-green hue to the stone in the world and one can not only wear this for astrological benefits but also for fashion style purpose.

Emerald Birthstone

People who born in the month of May, can wear emerald stone. It is the birthstone of the native who born in the month of May. So, if you born in this month then you should know that beautiful green color emerald is your birthstone.

Emerald stone zodiac

Mercury is the ruling planet of Emerald. Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury, therefore, emerald is the gemstone for these zodiac signs. If you born between 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September then you can wear this green stone.

Super benefits of Emerald stone

  1. If your child is weak and studies or having the problem to concentrate on studies or his all efforts becomes fail and he does not get the desired result then emerald can be magical stone for them. It is also known as Panna in Hindi. Panna stone enhances the intelligence and concentration power of the student. This stone directly affects the grasping power of students and help them to do well performance in exams.
  2. It is a Perfect gemstone for the natives who work in the field of art. If you want to make a career in music, fashion designing, painting and interior designing etc, you should wear emerald stone as it is a stone of Mercury planet. It is said that Panna stone helps the wearer to get new ideas and inventions. With the help of this stone, the wearer can beat the competition.
  3. Emerald called stone of communication. This stone helped the wearer to express his views and thoughts in a better way. Leaders, public speakers, managers and team leaders etc can wear this Panna stone to attain success in life. The good power and vibes of the stone boost the power of the leader and speaker. You can impress others with your words and thoughts. You can easily clear the interview with this beautiful stone.
  4. Yes, Panna stone also has healing powers. If a person is suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin related problems, and nervous disorders, he should wear Panna gemstone. It is known as a wonderful stone for the person who is suffering from speech difficulties problems.
  5. According to Vedic astrology Emerald stone protects a person from his enemies and negative persons. You can wear it in the form of a ring and bracelet. It ensures that your opposite persons can never harm you.
  6. It is considered that Emerald is the wonderful stone for businessmen. It reduces the chances of losses in business or cheats. This can help the wearer to face the difficult situation and come out from it. Panna is the stone which can remove the emotional pain of the heart. It gives strong intuition power and enables you to take right decisions.

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