Purification, Energisation and Activation of Gemstones

Gemstones have the power to give the desired results to its wearer. However, it is important that the gemstone should be worn with the correct procedure. Each gemstone has a defined Vedic procedure for wearing.

For Desired Benefits, Gemstone must be purified, energized and activated before wearing on the correct day and correct Mahurat.


The gemstones should be purified with the Vedic procedure using holy-river water. The Stone should be dipped in holy-water or un-boiled cow milk. The process is simple and can be done without any expert assistance.


Invoking the Positive aura & clearing the blocked energies.

The Gemstones come in contact with several environments, sometimes conflicting in energies with that of the gemstone. The gemstone encounters multiple energies during its travel from the mine to the wearer. And hence the aura of the gemstone fades down. The Energisation process is aimed to clear-up the blocked energies and invoke the positive aura of the gemstone. It ensures that the positive energy of the gemstone reaches to the maximum potential. Energisation is done by healing-practitioners.


Switching-on the Energy Source

Activation allows the gemstone to exchange its energy with the wearer. The Energy of the gemstone must resonate with the wearer. Activation is important to receive the desired effects of the gemstone. Activation is done as per Vedic procedures by Vedic astrologers.

Wearing on Correct Day and Mahurt:

There is a fixed day for each Planetary Gemstone and they should be worn on the respective days. It is also important to choose the correct Mahurt on the day of wearing. The Mahurat is derived using the Vedic Panchangam.
At Shubh Gems, we strongly desire that all our patrons must receive the desired benefits and hence we arrange complimentary service for Purification, Energisation and Activation of the gemstone by our expert Healers and Astrologers. We also suggest the favorable Mahurt for wearing the gemstone on a respective day.

Before Dispatching the order, our astrologers purify, energize and activate the gemstone and our representative assist with the suitable mahurat and day for wearing.

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